(psst... he's Hashoshi)

Meet Forrest

Hi! I am Forrest, and I’m a blockchain developer and consultant with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Throughout High School and College, I dedicated my free time outside of my studies to researching, developing, and teaching blockchain to others. Nowadays, I am helping real-world clients solve their business problems with blockchain and distributed technology. During this time, I found myself struggling to “scale” my teaching to the number of people who wanted to learn, so I started recording videos for key concepts like hashing. During that process, I found my passion for teaching through the medium of video, and my YouTube channel was born! Hashoshi, a mix of “hashing” and mysterious creator(s) of bitcoin, Sathoshi Nakamoto, became the name of my YouTube persona and the rest was history. I am here to help you build your knowledge, boost your cryptocurrency gains, and join the movement towards our decentralized future!

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