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Let’s Hash It Out!

Hashoshi provides weekly educational content on YouTube about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and technology to help you build your knowledge and keep up with the rapid pace of change in this industry.

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About Hashoshi’s Channel

Simple, concise, yet detailed on-demand blockchain & cryptocurrency education

You will find content ranging from beginner topics like “what is blockchain?” or “how does bitcoin work?” to more advanced topics about specific technologies, processes, and concepts that will help you master this cryptocurrency movement.




Why Learn?

The next evolution in the digital age

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency will eliminate rent-seeking middlemen, provide next-generation payment rails, and provide banking services to the unbanked

Decentralized by design

A trustless mechanism for exchange of value and information without middlemen, excessive fees, or impenetrable borders

Open to everyone

Anyone can create a node, run the software, and be a part of the blockchain network to transact and store value freely

Built for borderless payments

Cryptocurrency allows for near real-time, borderless payments in both developed and under-developed markets

Catalyst for trust

Cryptography and immutability secure transactions and establish trust without centralized intermediaries

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Whether you’re a technical person who loves to code, a non-technical person who loves to learn and lead, or a business leader who wants to diversify his or her business, the community welcomes you. There is content for everyone!

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